The Executive Committee



The executive committee is responsible for all the activities and official business the association is participating in. Should you need to contact anyone, please feel free to send us a message in Telegram! Each member’s nicknames can be found below.

Jussi Hakosalo (@Diffis1)


Perttu Yli-opas (@Perttuu)

Vice Chairman

Juho Kostet (@Avaruus)


Juuso Kylmäoja (@Datajuuso)


Joakim Isoaho (@jommi)

Corporate Relations when Sindre is in Norway

Sindre Trosterud (@SindreReino)

Corporate Relations when Joakim is at work

Jamin Hu (@jaminhu)

Project Coordinator (Corporate Relations when Sindre is in Norway and Joakim is at work)

Vertti Vainio (@vainvertti)

Community and membership