What is AAIS?

AAIS stands for Aalto Artificial Intelligence Society. We are mainly a group of students who are interested in learning, developing and benefiting from AI.

How much is this going to take my time?

As much as you want to spend. Projects won’t get done without an effort though.

How do I join?

Join our: 

  • Mailing list(ask someone in the TG chat!)
  • Telegram group(https://bit.ly/2MLZ1El) 
  • Slack(ask someone in the TG chat!)


After that we’ll take care of the membership fee(5€) and then you can actively ask about projects or if you have a project idea of your own ask for interested participants. We could use some new interesting project ideas so don’t be afraid to propose something new. AI can be used in many applications such as games, robots, automation, advertisement, etc. Whatever you’re interested of.

Do I have to be a pro? What do I have to know about AI?

Absolutely not. Neither are we. We are just random group of students who are interested about AI and you should be too. Your own activity and interest are the limits. It’s okay if you don’t know a bit about AI, it’s time to start learning, basics of programming could be useful though.

The internet is your oyster. There is a ton of content online which you can use to learn about AI.

I have 2334 more questions. Who should I contact?

The Telegram group is probably the place for that! In addition, feel free to email the chairman at jussi.hakosalo@aalto.fi

Is AI going to take over and enslave mankind?

No it’s not but that would be pretty exciting.

(Although it is our main goal here)